Although easy and fast learning, surfing, bodyboarding and Stand Up paddle are very technical sports, where the initial monitoring by a teacher is fundamental for a correct and safe evolution.
You can enroll in the Nazaré Hostel surfcamps (3, 5 and 7 days) for all levels and ages, as well as private lessons with Baia Peniche Surfschool, by Silvano Lourenço’s professional surfers team.

Student are based at Nazaré Hostel, and they will have the opportunity to, according to the meteorological and sea condition, to take classes in several beaches of the West region more specifically, Peniche and Nazaré. 

The place of departure is NAZARÉ HOSTEL, where a van from the Baia Peniche Surfschool  will take and bring the students daily. Dinner is served in the Hostel between 19h00 and 20h30 and after that you can enjoy the unique and bustling night of Nazaré beach.

About Baia Peniche Surfschool 

Founded by Silvano Lourenço, a professional Bodyboard athlete (Europeen Champion in 2005 and 2007), Baia Peniche Surfshool has an extended team of professionals duly accredited for surf training, bodyboard, Stand Up Paddle and other sport activities. They have been teaching in the best surfcamps of Portuguese west cost, including Peniche. Come and discover the pure pleasure of surfing with Silvano’s surfers team.

” I love what I do, and it is what I want to share with anyone interested.” Silvano L.



CAMPS | Surf, Bodyboard and Standle Up Paddle 

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Room (privates or dorms) + Lessons  (1.5 / 2 hours each) + Equipment + Meal plan (breakfast and dinner) + Transport (van) + Insurance

3 nights (4 lessons) 5 nights (6 lessons) 7 nights (10 lessons)
Low season 210 eur 330 eur 510 eur
Medium Season 225 eur 355 eur 545 eur
High Season 255 eur 405 eur 615 eur
August 285 eur 455 eur 685 eur

Group discounts: 3 – 6 students 10% discount; 7 – 10 students 12% discount

Reservations: t. + 351918622893 or


LESSONS | Surf, Bodyboard and Standle Up Paddle

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Private Lessons (1.5 / 2 hours each) + Equipment + Transport (van) + Insurance

Private lessons Private Group Lessons
1-2 students 3 – 6 students 7 – 10 students
30 eur 25 eur / student 22 eur / student

Reservations: t. + 351918622893 or


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